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Santa Clarita Valley Democrats Condemns Baseless Far-Right Attack on Local Teachers

The Santa Clarita Valley Democrats (SCVD) released the following statement in response to attacks from far-right media outlet KHTS on the local Santa Clarita Valley Teachers Association:

“The Santa Clarita Valley Teachers Association is made up of hardworking teachers from across the valley who are critical to the education of our community’s children,” SCVD Chair Andrew Taban said. “The blatant falsehoods about our local teachers published by self-described ‘conservative’ right-wing outlet KHTS is misinformation at best and intentional disinformation at worst, which is deeply concerning given that KHTS claims to be a news platform.”

As a Democratic community organization, SCVD remains committed to supporting working families and educational equity, as well as the educators’ unions who continue to lead in the fights for both.

“It is so disheartening to see KHTS and its owners attack the people responsible for educating Santa Clarita’s students,” SCVD Vice Chair Jackie Thomas said. “This proves once again that KHTS doesn’t care about informing the public, but instead is focused on pushing an extremist agenda at any cost to our community.”

SCVD is an organization chartered with the Los Angeles County Democratic Party. SCVD is dedicated to connecting neighbors, supporting Democratic leadership, and serving the communities of the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding areas. 


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